Construction of Officers and Breaking Fast with the Faculty of Syariah Iain Palangka Raya

Palangka Raya – This event was not only attended by lecturers of the Faculty of Sharia, but also attended by elements of the leadership of IAIN Palangka Raya such as the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor 2 and Vice Chancellor 3, Karo, deans, Head of the division and staff and students of IAIN Palangka Raya. What is even more exciting is that this event was also attended by the Head of the Regional Office of the Province of Central Kalimantan, Drs. H. Masrawan, M.Ag.

In the words of the Welcome, Rector of IAIN Palangka Raya Dr. H. Khairil Anwar |, M.Ag invites all elements to work together to succeed in the development of this campus from social matters, communication, dress code and also includes fighting for this campus to become a State Islamic University (UIN).

On the other side, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia Dr. H. Abdul Helim |, M.Ag in his remarks emphasized that the desire to develop this campus begins with a sense of togetherness, discipline, openness to achieve the same goal. Without any feeling like this, as long as any of these goals will have obstacles. Therefore, he invites that what is done on this campus is for the common good. He likens that a roof can not be stretched above without the pillars. The pole will not be strong if it is not glued to the wall. But all that, will not be optimal if there is no foundation. The foundation can also be shaken if it is not planted in the ground. It means, all of that required a togetherness in one goal.

This kind of thing was also answered by Lecturer Ust. Akhmad Supriadi, M.SI. What he said was very enlightening. It takes the parable of the ant and the laba2. Ants are small creatures of God, but they can build their homes. It all happened because their cooperation was on one path to achieve one goal. So is the spider philosophy. The shape of the spider's house is a web so it is called a spider web. The meaning of this spider web is to achieve a power so that even noble goals can be achieved, need to build relationships from various parties. Those are some of the things that were conveyed by the Chancellor of IAIN, The Dean and Lecturer, which in essence is important in fostering togetherness and cooperation of all parties to make the desired goals a success. (AH)